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Destanne Norris

Vernon, Canada

"The Gift is in the Heart of Life"
"It's a love of life and nature that drives my diverse art practice. I mostly paint the spaces and places that make me feel open and alive and filled with reverence. Though there is always more that lies 'beneath the painted surface'."

The natural environment is the source of Norris’s inspiration and explorations. Her work is based on her direct experience where investigation, memory, and imagination are amalgamated into her expressionistic visual language. Norris paints and draws intuitively, allowing her subject - - to dictate her methodology and style. “With a practice that has consciously connected to the physics of spiritual sensation through her own life experience,” writes Julie Oakes, Headbones Gallery owner, an overarching theme in her painting is the mirroring of ‘inscape and landscape’.

Norris had a visceral connection between existence and spirituality inspired by the loss that is expressed in her book Leah’s Gift: A Story about Reframing Loss, published in 2020. In addition, a documentary film, Beneath the Painted Surface, about her art-life created released in 2020 by independent filmmaker Brian Taylor of En Queue Film is available to be watched on YouTube.

Norris’s paintings have been exhibited in Canada and Australia in the Public, University, and Artist-Run Galleries. As well, her paintings have been sold through commercial galleries and directly to many national and international private collectors and found in corporate and public collections.

Norris was awarded a BFA (Honors) Degree in Painting and Drawing from the University of Victoria in British Columbia in 1987 and a Master of Fine Arts Degree by Research at the University of Tasmania in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia in 2009.

Periodically, she uses only Destanne as a signature to recognize the force that her own destiny has had in shaping her work.
Wescover creator since 2021

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