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Derek Hunter - Murals and Art
Derek Hunter
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Derek Hunter

Miami, FL

Derek Hunter (b. New York City, 1988) is an entirely self-taught artist. His paintings are deliberate, calculated investigations into geometric abstraction, seemingly in the vein of the movement's forerunners such as Sol LeWitt, Elsworth Kelly, and Bridget Riley. Yet, Hunter's work includes the slightest disruptions in what would normally be considered a flawless, mechanized series of renderings, these small imperfections are, too, as intentional as the razor-edged lines and planes.

Each work, made by hand, explores ideas of sculptural limits, the "finish-fetish" of traditional print advertising and the irreverent vibrancy of street/interventionist art. Hunter's body of work conveys a multitude of influences, some of which delve into the esoteric realms of theosophy and mysticism, others exude and explore his childhood passion for geology and architecture. By abstracting organic mineral formations, Hunter interrupts the endless parade of brutal, colorless urban architectural forms so indicative of the postmodern movement. He delivers loud, unapologetic tones and gradients, and with it, a more globalized appreciation of all the light that can be seen. Hunter currently lives and works in Miami.

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