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Taipei, Taiwan

Graffiti artist since 2005, begins from tag name DEBE. Deeply influenced by US graffiti “Wild Style”, especially with the use of spray paint. From graffiti, abstract drawing and Typography. DEBE’s creative style visually integrates abstract geometric forms with natural ore element to break free from traditional rules and restrictions and to explore more possibility of graffiti art. The core concept of his art is to convert philosophical concepts into diverse colors and lines and to present the moments when energy flows, its seemingly complicated and organic movement is actually profound and rich in layers.

DEBE has been invited to join/attend various street art events such as creative activities, exhibitions, co-branding, speeches, workshops across the U.S. ( Hawaii, LA, Washington, D.C.), the UK (London) and Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Beijing.

expresses an unique way of thinking by graffiti and art creation.
Wescover creator since 2019

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