Deb - Murals and Art
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San Francisco, CA

Melbourne-born painter Deb is one of Australia’s leading contemporary artists. Her instantly recognizable fine art and murals are splashed across the breadth of Australia and beyond. Deb works with many different materials, across a multitude of surfaces, from aerosols on the street and selected interiors, to acrylics, oils & gauche on wood or canvas, digital design, illustration and sculpture.

Her art is a mixture of fantasy and fiction; the fusion of reality and a fairytale world that exists in her mind amongst thoughts and emotions from present and past lives. Her inspirations are both diverse and forever changing as she evolves as an artist.

In 2012 Deb created a unique fundraiser for prostate cancer research and support, raising thousands of dollars for the Cancer Council of Victoria. She continues to donate her art towards many different charities when she finds time between ongoing projects.

At age 37, Deb has been working as a professional artist for almost two decades. She has relocated to San Francisco but continues to travel back and forth to her home town in Australia.