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David Wiener Fine Art

Park City, UT

"The Artist Sees What Others Only Catch A Glimpse Of – Leonardo Da Vinci"
I’ve spent most of my life observing the aesthetic: people, nature, products, fashion, architecture…everything. It is the daily function of a designer and artist. It is both a subconscious and conscious research tool, as well as a critical method of “measurement” for style, performance, quality and desire. It is this
life-long demand for the elegant aesthetic that has trained me to look – and to see – detail and pattern in objects that might otherwise go unnoticed or hidden by the combination (or concert) of their surroundings.

I call my art process Photographic Constructs, and I create this art because I want to provoke thought, change perspectives, and challenge the viewer to not only see the beauty of shape, patterns, and colors playing off each other, but also to identify the detail and the hidden beauty within.
Wescover creator since 2019

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