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David Robinson

Vancouver, Canada

"Representational by idiom; Conceptual by persuasion"
The singular visceral appeal of the sculptural figure in the urban landscape is that it is a momentary proxy to the self in social space. It is an aesthetic moment of the citizen, as suddenly seen from the outside. Functioning at its best, it is a momentary out-of-body experience that repositions the individual psyche within the social sphere.

The figure at the nucleus of all of my sculptural works sparks a connection between the viewer and our human propensity for narrative as personal and communal catharsis. The sculptural figure broadcasts its visual aesthetic at a broadly accessible bandwidth; it speaks across boundaries of age and culture; it withstands the shifting moment, while marking the path in a flow of continuous change.

Firing this strange vision and calling is the heat and light thrown off by recurring revelation inherent in the studio practice: That its physical work and discipline are incarnational - the mind in generative collaboration with matter. That the constraints of hard necessity are both a binding and an emancipation of the artist’s hand. Work and art, patron and artist, public and individual - that each can be reformed and refined by the other.
Wescover creator since 2021

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