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David McCracken - Public Sculptures and Sculptures
David McCracken
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David McCracken

Auckland, New Zealand

A lot of my work is about honoring or elevating a humble or even banal form or material into a memorable object. I see it as a kind of amplification – I often call it a material ‘soap’ …and like the idea of sculpture as a sort of slow (stationary…?) drama …and its making as slow audience-less performance. To this end, I am continually working on processes and systems that have elegance, economy and an analog sensibility …I trace this back to my fascination with the simple depression era and pre-industrial NZ inventiveness and reductionism. I have a strong drive to make beautiful objects. I see the language of objects as immeasurably rich and deep … and sculpture as a tiny subset of the collective of ‘all manufactured objects’ As such it is under huge pressure to ‘perform’ as the quality of manufactured items soars. partly as a response to this, I worked at representing ideas …like mass, or flaws and faults, absence, pressure, stress…