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David June Louf (Mr. June)

David June Louf (Mr. June)

Amsterdam, Netherlands

From a Bboy-breakdancer in the nineties, Mr.JUNE (David Louf) started graffiti in 1985.
After six years of oldskool Hip Hop, breakdance and graffiti, Graphic Design at the royal school of arts (HKU)
was a natural follow-up.
Y&R Amsterdam (advertising agency) recognized his talents and in 1997 they pulled him in as an art director,
before he was even graduated.
It did not take long before mr.JUNE figured out he was not built for commerce.
Shaken by this impure and troubled environment of big business, he started his own, that same year.
Out Of Order was born, a graphic design studio with multi-disciplinary skills, ranging from graphic design,
art, video, interactive productions and illustration.

Trying to make ends meet made it hard for him to keep his backbone, but he did.
Colorful and multidimensional. It made the HKU ask him to become a teacher, which he did, with great gratification.
Over the last 7 years his murals show a more abstract character, allowing to blend in with his also abstract canvas work.
His graffiti roots, which kept simmering in the background, his graphic trade –in particular the love
for typography- and his artistic blood -intuition outweighs ratio-, makes him passionate to continuously
search for the perfect form.
Harmonizing graffiti, graphic design and abstract art.

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