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David Fried

New York, NY

"Contemporary artist & antifragilist | Spheres of Influence, Chance, Emergent Complexity - The only constant is constant change"
The multidisciplinary artist David Fried (1962, NYC)
explores the qualities of invisible complex dynamic
relationships in the form of minimalistic images and

The inherent and flexible characteristics of
interdependent networked systems operating
“far-from-equilibrium” found in nature and social
endeavor, are echoed throughout his sculptural,
photographic and interactive works.

The artist employs highly symbolic motifs that are
universally recognizable as organic or pertaining to
natural phenomena with chaotic tendencies,
contextually infused with hints of human influence
and our urge to control, manipulate and predict outcomes.

In a human world that is increasingly aware of and
witness to the influence of self-organizing systems,
Fried explores the space between the lingering
anachronism of the clockwork world view and
the vanguard of progressive systems thinking on
diverse themes such as communication, sociology,
ecology and biology.
Wescover creator since 2020

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