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David D'Imperio - Lighting
David D'Imperio
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David D'Imperio


“David D’Imperio established his industrial design studio in 1990, and it has become known primarily for creating sculptural lighting. The studio’s body of work includes more than 70 lighting designs, ranging from lamps and chandeliers to LED linear suspension fixtures, which have been installed in architectural projects throughout the world.

D’Imperio’s pieces impart a sculptural dimension to the architectural spaces they occupy. The designs lie in a place where the organic world meets the mechanical, where geometry and mathematical order meet the abstract and randomness. D’Imperio’s lighting transcends mere illumination, as each piece is a work of art.
The designs reflect D’Imperio’s lifelong fascination with the natural world, especially tropical fish and succulent plants. The connection can easily be seen in pieces like the Hydra, named after the nearly microscopic aquatic creatures that have radial symmetry and otherworldly forms, and the Diadema, which takes its inspiration from a genus of sea urchins.”