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David Cragg

David Cragg

Wollongong, Australia

David Cragg is multidisciplinary artist of Irish, Scottish and Bundjalung ancestry, working in Dharawhal Country (Illawarra Region of NSW, Australia) He is a muralist, fine artist, designer, writer, builder, sculptor, photographer and youth/ disability community worker. He has exhibited work, painted large scale murals, curated public art installations, performed live art, and delivered art-making workshops and mentorship across Australia.

Clients and Collaborations include City of Sydney, Brookfield, Ambush Gallery, Backwoods Gallery, Art Pharmacy, Verb Syndicate, Westfield, GPT Group, Wollongong Central, ACT City Services, Darling Quarter, Wiltshire and Dimas, HiPages, Liberty Place and The Wintergarden.
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