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David Ball

NSW, Australia

David Ball is an Australian architectural and landscape sculptor with more than three decades of experience as an artist and artisan. Born into the Australian bush in 1958. It has provided him with everything he values as a sculptor. He was raised in the bush fringes of Sydney and lives in a bush-lined pocket of the Southern Highlands of NSW.

He is driven to make his pieces by hand. This necessitates a physicality not often evident in large-scale metal sculptures.

David considers every angle of his sculptures. " I tend to work classically ", he says," I believe sculpture should command and relate to space and work completely in the round, offering differing experiences from all angles, structure and poetry in one."

"David Ball's monumental sculptures act upon us. Like Stonehenge, they question every easy assumption. These steel giants seem to look at us as much as we look at them. They are themselves questions and strong statements, in equal measure. They are poetry in steel. They are protests in steel. They somehow straddle the classical and romantic ideals in singular form." - Client

David constructs his vast steel sculptures by hand. His forms are angular, curvaceous, faceted into segments and twisted into gravity-defying whorls, angles and spires. His surfaces are seconded to create reflections, shadows and architectural frames for the landscape in which they sit, visitors to and commentators on the age-old theme of the link between us and our universe.

Many of David’s sculptures have rusted finishes, the orange hues of their exteriors contrasting with the greens and blues of nature. Another theme to his oeuvre is the architectural landscape with its angular forms, towering nature and metallic patina, as contrasted with the natural world.

David constantly considers his work in relation to the environment. “My heart lies squarely in the landscape and this is my playground,” he explains.

This connection is reflected in the scenic locations of shows he chooses to exhibit in and has led to most of his commissioned pieces being perched on rolling hills, nestled into gardens and enveloped by natural beauty...
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