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Dave Battjes

Grand Rapids, MI

"Lettering Artist who love's big, bold letters."
Hi! I'm Dave Battjes (sounds like 'batches') - a lettering artist, designer and all around happy dude based in Grand Rapids, MI.

I like to create beautiful things with letters, especially when those letters are big! I also like being outside so painting outdoor murals is my main focus. I love bringing joy to others through visual communication. My mission is to spread positivity through my work.

When I’m not creating you can find me spending time with my family (wife, two boys, two cats and a pup!), hiking, camping, fixing up my 1920’s house and laying in a hammock. I have worked alongside my wife for years, helping out with her wholesale bakery, and I can make a mean shortbread cookie!
Wescover creator since 2020

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