Dave Baranes - Art and Street Murals
Dave Baranes
Dave Baranes
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Dave Baranes

Paris, France

Dave Baranes is a self-taught painter. He grew up in the Paris suburbs where he was passionate about graffiti and Street-Art. Very quickly, his passion for the "wall" led him towards the creation of a mural fresco in trompe l'oeil. These years of decorative painting allowed him to acquire a perfect mastery of painting techniques but also an opening to more traditional art.

In 2015, Dave dares to embark on a collection of works and will make felines with striking looks often very colorful, sometimes black and white. A very moving collection where the expression of looks questions us about our own humanity. Success on networks is immediate.

In 2018, Dave's works combine all these influences: the backgrounds of his canvases are worked with trompe l'oeil techniques, a clever mixture of aerosols and acrylic for the creation of graffiti: in the "Old School" treaty that Dave particularly likes. The more realistic animals illustrate, in this ultra-urban setting, the chaos of this world by questioning us about the impact of man in our environment.
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