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Davani - Tables and Furniture
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Seattle, WA

We carve each piece of natural stone furniture from a single block of stone. Each block is quarried from an area in which minerals and other constituents crystalized under immense pressure and heat over thousands of years. The exact mix of minerals and the conditions of the stone’s formation influence its texture, color, marbling pattern, and other characteristics.

Our furniture is made from many different types of stone sourced directly from quarries around the world – marble in a multitude of colors, travertine, onyx, quartzite, semi-precious stones, and more.

When the stone blocks reach our workshop, they have already completed a journey that starts in a quarry in the mountains or hills in which the stone was formed. Those mountains may be a few miles from the workshop or a few thousand. Each variety originates in a different part of the world, and some regions are famed for the quality and color of the stone they produce.