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Dater127 Graffiti Art - Murals and Art

Dater127 Graffiti Art

Koblenz, Germany

"Graffiti design"
Daniel Schmitz, born and still lives in Koblenz, Germany.
In 1994 he made his first experiences with graffiti and breakdancing.
Since 1997 he has been known as Dater127 and since then he has continued to develop his artistic talent with the spray can, in order to stage his style in an extraordinary and interesting way.
After many years of his fascination with graffiti, he has become passionate about his profession.
His work is characterized by cleanliness and dynamism, where he always has the urge to try new things and to provide the most diverse surfaces, whether huge facades or small walls, with creative and individual ideas. A good eye for detail and elaborate color combinations characterize his works.
It is important to him that his works communicate with the environment and inspire the viewer and make them curious.
In addition to his own free work, he also implements their individual ideas according to their own ideas, even if they wish to do so by private and public clients.
He has also worked on numerous projects abroad, including the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Croatia, Hungary, Austria, Luxembourg, Tahiti, Mongolia, Thailand, Marocco and Germany.
The self-made artist is a member of the LoveLetters crew and part of the Stick Up Kids Crew, which is made up of international artist members.
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