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Paris, France

"original acrylic painting for interiors"
My name is Daria Dmitrieva and I was born on 31 st of January, 1989 in Rostov-on-Don, Russia.
Both of my parents are architects; hence I had been exposed to the world of art since my early
childhood. As long as I can remember myself I always had a passion for the fine art and
decoration. Since I was six, I had been participating in the art competitions and showing my
work at the exhibitions.
In 1996, I went to a school for the foreign languages advanced studies. While studying French
at the school, I fell in love with France and its culture.
In 2006, I entered Southern Federal University of Russia, Institute of Architecture and Arts,
Faculty of Decorative Art and Textile. During my six-year study at the University, I had been
refining my drawing and painting skills, participating in the art competitions and exhibitions. I
had also been travelling extensively getting inspiration for arts. During that time, I met Vladimir
Kikel, a renowned Russian artist. I started taking Vladimir Kikel’s classes on oil painting and
Levkas techniques. While learning from Vladimir, I had been developing my own concept and
oil painting techniques.
In 2012, I was accepted into the University of Lyon, France to study Fashion and Creative Arts.
While at school, I continued to devote a lot of time to my passion for oil painting on canvas.
In 2013, I was able to fulfil my longtime dream of moving to Paris where I continue to live and
work at this time.
During the past several years, I had been working in the in the field of fashion and textile
patterns design, participating in the furnishing textile exhibitions.
Since 2016, I had been focusing more on the acrylic painting and produced a series of still-life
paintings on the black background.
Also, in 2017, I started trying my hand at the abstract art. At this time, I work on a new series of
the acrylic paintings in the abstract genre.
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