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Daniel Oglander - Paintings and Art
Daniel Oglander
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Daniel Oglander

Brooklyn, NY

“Daniel Oglander is a 29 year old Tennessee native currently working in Brooklyn, NY. Daniel attended "Art School" his entire life by growing up in a family of artists who nurtured his creativity (Daniel's mother is a potter, his father an abstract artist and his brother a mixed media artist). Daniel's art hinges on his ability to discover new material. He doesnt buy his images; they are all either from books, photos found in abandon buildings, flea markets or shots taken with his own 35mm camera. Its as if I am breathing new life into a moment frozen in time " When asked what he loves about art he stated, "Art is my outlet for self-expression, it satisfies my need to generate something that defines me. No amount of words can ever express my feelings. I have to speak with my hands."

His latest body of work explores the idea of inner monologue. Things we think, but would never say out loud. Our fears, misgivings, prejudices, towards others. theses thoughts are then painted in text on the canvas, then obscured through layers of paint. Outing his ideas, yet still keeping them somewhat of a secret.”