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Dani Cooperman
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Dani Cooperman

Toronto, Canada

Dani Cooperman is a mixed media artist who constructs imagined spaces to create a dialogue between a place and its supposed inhabitants.

Cooperman was drawn to the world of graffiti through her own incessant urge to create. Many street artists experience this same compulsion and utilize public spaces for their artwork despite the inherent risk. In cities around the world, the role of graffiti has become a cultural medium to connect communities and ideas through art.

Harnessing the energy of the space, Cooperman manually adds graffiti and street art elements to her own original photographs. These visual constructions add dialogue to her personal experience in that place and time. The viewer is drawn into the scene and given the opportunity to produce their own emotive connection to the fabricated environment.

Cooperman’s mixed media pieces are a blend of photography, digitally-created graffiti, acrylic paint, and LED light behind plexiglass. Utilizing the interplay of light through the plexi, as well as various layering and scraping techniques, she creates a multi-dimensional effect that changes as the light levels are altered.

Cooperman was born in South Africa and grew up in Toronto. She received her Bachelor of Design from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 2003. Cooperman has exhibited in Toronto and USA. Her works are held in commercial and private collections in Toronto, New York, Johannesburg, Tel Aviv, Panama City and Miami.