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Danaé Brissonnet - Street Murals and Public Art
Danaé Brissonnet
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Danaé Brissonnet

Quebec City, Canada

Danaé Brissonnet is an international artist from Quebec, Canada. Her work spans from murals and street art, community-based arts workshops to mask-making, puppetry, and performance arts.

Her current focus is on holding mobile arts workshops, weaving her colorful, surreal work through the voices and stories of the myriad communities she travels to. From North, Central and South America to Africa - North and West - as well as Asia, and Europe, she facilitates workshops with a full spectrum of people, ranging from children, women in need, the elderly, and people living in zones of conflict. Through her ‘mobile arts school’, she seeks to underline the importance of co-creation, collaboration, and the power of imagination. Brissonnet’s work exists as an imprint of change and inspiration for places she feels need it the most.