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Damon Soule - Murals and Art
Damon Soule
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Damon Soule

San Francisco, CA

Damon Soule was born in 1974 in Atlanta, and his family soon after relocated to New Orleans, where he grew up.

Soule’s parents along with several extended family members are also artists, and as a child he became so engrossed in his drawing that he dropped out of school at age 16, opting for a GED.

At 19, with $300, some clothes and a box of art supplies, Soule headed out to San Francisco, where he eventually enrolled in the interdisciplinary program at the San Francisco Art Institute.

Soule would later become the art director and co-founder of FIT Skateboards and Civilian Clothing. He sold his portion of that business in 1996 to pursue art full time.

Soule's work is highly complex and imaginative in both practice and concept, fueled by his inherent investigative and obsessive curiosity, he employs an array of scientific and artistic systems to create his paintings.

His use of bright colors and hyper-crisp geometric patterns, interwoven through what he calls "n-dimensional topographies," create abstract forms and Zen-like mandalas that gravitate towards the infinite and eternal interconnectedness.