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Damon Art - Sculptures and Art
Damon Art
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Damon Art

San Francisco, CA

"The sculptures of Damon Hyldreth appear both static and fluid, rigid and flexible, strong and smooth, effectively blurring the line between nature and structure. By crafting organic forms from an obviously man-made metal, Hyldreth creates a unique symbiosis between nature and structure, unifying the sculpture and the surroundings through the free-flowing energy and architecture of his artworks.

Keeping in mind the intimate connection between artists and their tools, Hyldreth studies the potential energies of his metals and coaxes out exquisite forms and natural power. Using mainly stainless steel, as well as the occasional bronze and Cor-ten steel, Hyldreth allows his materials to dictate their final shape and become an ultimate collaboration between man and matter. The evocative forms subliminally draw the audience in, giving every viewer a deeply personal experience.

In 2004 Damon received his BFA in Sculpture from San Francisco Art Institute in San Francisco, CA. Public and private installations of Hyldreth’s work include the town of Palm Desert, CA, the Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong, The W Hotel in Taipei, Taiwan, Trump Hollywood, Hollywood, FL Neiman Marcus, Houston, TX, Sofitel Hotel, Los Angeles, CA and the Westminster Bridge Park Plaza in London, and Queen Rania of Jordan, to name but a few.”