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Belo Horizonte, Brazil

"Surrealism and abstract forms"
Born and raised in Belo Horizonte, Dalata is painting in public space since 1997. Known both in Brazil as abroad, his work is a cocktail of abstracts and surrealism in a mixture of a vast variety of techniques. By drawing, painting and sculpture in one and the same work, Dalata creates his own world in which he expresses his urge for a positive approach to daily life. Dalata pictures life in a place not very far from here, where mutant beings from a ludic universe set the tone and form a game of curious forms in a bizarre and passionate setting.

Dalata is recognized for his paintings on surfaces of all sorts in which he identifies figures and faces, that appear as soon as he touches them. “I see things” is a saying he is most known for. This saying turned into his life project in which he transforms nature’s elements, urban obstacles, neglected objects or demolished walls into a positive contribution to his surroundings. Dalata has the great wish to open dialogue between art and audience.

In his long career as a graffiti artist, Dalata has participated in numerous projects, exhibitions and interventions world wide. To name but a few: MAAU São Paulo, ArtCore no MAM Rio de Janeiro, Graffiti House Los Angeles, Festigraff Dakar, Senegal, Matilha Cultural São Paulo and Stroke Art Fair, Berlin.
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