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Curtis Stokes - Murals and Art
Curtis Stokes
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Curtis Stokes

Los Angeles, CA

Curtis Stokes is a creative creator and in awe of all of life’s creations! He started drawing at age 4 and swears it was around that time that he started questioning the universe, how it was created, and how it all worked.

His murals are some of the most realistic and captivating works of art today. His attention to detail, composition, color, and texture have been fine-tuned through his work as a professional photographer. Unlike the rest, Curtis takes his passion for realism to the next level by incorporating photography into his fine art. He has been known to travel near and far in order to capture the perfect picture. Then, he will return to recreate the image in exact detail using various mediums, the airbrush being his first choice.

By far, he is one of today's most talented and creative muralists. Curtis does not simply paint walls — he brings dreams to life.

Curtis Stokes is an artist with more than two decades of experience in airbrush artwork and a variety of artistic mediums. By far, he is one of today's most talented and creative muralists. Curtis does not simply paint walls – he brings dreams to life. Whether he’s painting a star-studded sky, a lush green rainforest, or a luxurious wine cellar, he uses a versatile blend of artistic techniques to create custom murals on walls, ceilings, and everything in between. You won’t find another artist capable of making what isn’t real leap from the walls as if the very plaster and would have been torn away to reveal a new world.

Every project Curtis takes on is a process of emotion, energy and enthusiasm. Hours are spent planning and working closely with his clients until the mural begins to form in his mind so that long before the first brush strokes touch plaster, Curtis has envisioned the client’s dream and can confidently ensure their creative ideas, no matter how bold, will magically be brought to life. Skilled in photography, graphic design, and vector art, he incorporates these modern digital mediums into the planning process to ensure the final product develops seamlessly. Then, the mural comes alive as he stencils, hand paints, faux paints, glazes, and airbrushes. His finished pieces end up miraculously transforming the atmosphere and depth of a room.

Attention to detail, composition, color, and texture is what makes Curtis Stokes work some of the most sought after in the nation. By incorporating a variety of artistic techniques and even going as far as adding the clients existing objects and architecture to his work, Curtis has mastered Trompe-l’œil , the magical art technique that uses realistic imagery to create an optical illusion that the depicted objects exist in three dimensions.

Hollywood has also taken notice of his expertise. In fact, ABC’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” has featured Curtis and his work on the show several times – including in the 2008 Emmy-nominated episode, “The Hughes Family.” Plus, he’s been featured on “Renovate My Family,” “Good Day LA,” “Kimora Lee – Life in the Fab Lane,” “Dress My Nest,” and “High Maintenance 90210.” Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner hired Curtis as an artist for several of his personal events and commissioned him to paint a mural in the bedroom of one of his playmates. Other clients – including Steven Spielberg, Paris Hilton, Henry Winkler, Barry Bonds, Club Hakkasan (Las Vegas), and Palms Hotel – have trusted Curtis’s artistic ability in their own spaces too.

Passionate about art since age four, Curtis has made it his mission to master new skills and hone existing ones. His arsenal of abilities is unmatched in the industry – especially his custom techniques using glowing blacklight and fiber optics. Through a process he’s personally developed, he can transform rooms from day to night with the simple flip of a switch. A black-light/fiber optics mural of the sky can be cloudy and serene during the day and then transform into a nighttime scene studded with animated spiral galaxies, lightning, and shooting stars. It’s truly an awe-inspiring experience. Curtis has also turned mundane backyards into tropical paradises, mansions into celestial gatherings, and world-class nightclubs into monster-themed playgrounds.