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CRW Designs Ceramics - Cups and Tableware
CRW Designs Ceramics
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CRW Designs Ceramics


Catie Rose Webster is a NH potter, lover of art, teaching, and adventure. Follow this page for updates on all her ceramic work.

The Beginning:

I took my first official pottery course at the University of New Hampshire in 2010, where I was studying to become an Art Teacher. Honestly, I found clay to be very difficult to work with (and sometimes to this day, I still do). For the sake of needing to pass the course, and also not wanting to give up, I forced myself to get along with clay and the wheel. I used my frustrations and struggles as a way to fuel my work. My mindset in the pottery studio transformed over time into one that was open, forgiving, positive, and focused.


I have been teaching Ceramics, Sculpture, Jewelry, and Crafts in NH since 2014. Teaching is a passion, and something that I find very rewarding. I also find making my own art, and having others enjoy it, a very rewarding process. After getting a few years of teaching under my belt, I have officially started a little pottery business. I am renting studio space in Manchester NH and am creating with clay when I am not teaching or spending time with family and friends.

I am driven to make Art that you want to pick up, use, and enjoy. Art that serves a purpose, has a function, and that will also look beautiful in your home.

The Future:

One day, I will own my own equipment and will have my own studio space. Selling my work is how I will hopefully get there (fingers crossed). I have big plans of summer camps for kids, workshops, and ladies' nights. The journey is never ending.