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CRISP - Public Art and Murals
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Bogotá, Colombia

CRISP is an Australian Street artist based in Bogota, Colombia. He was born to artist parents, and grew up in rural Australia. From a very young age he drew, painted, sculpted, pottered, carved, photographed and created anything he could as a form of personal expression.
After studying and working in Sydney, He spent over 10 years living, working, traveling and creating art in the UK, Europe, Asia, North and South America before settling in Bogota, Colombia. This amazingly vibrant, chaotic and “street art” mecca inspired CRISP to start expressing himself on walls rather than more traditional mediums. He had always loved graffiti and street art and photographed it whenever he could but actually creating street art himself reinvigorated his love of art!
He has never looked back since, giving people in the street something more interesting to look at, through the use of stickers, bombing stencils, paste ups, ceramic street masks, carvings, posters, murals and more. CRISP believes in communities reclaiming the street aesthetic as their own from capitalist advertising, corporate slogans and even just the mundane boring obsession of sterile grey concrete walls, city councils tend to prefer today!
His street art can vary from the purely aesthetic to the very thought provoking socio-political. He has always disliked the academicization of art, and thinks that artwork shouldn’t have to be justified through words or meanings. He thinks art should be predominately interpreted by the viewing individual not through words describing it in a gallery or museum. As art can mean different things to different people and cultures, and this is the beauty of art, it can transcend language.
He has recently been combining his love of travel and street art by putting works up in London, New York, Miami, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Alaska, and Colombia. He recently was part of Festival Anonymous in Sayulita, Mexico, and is looking forward to traveling to more urban arts festivals this year.

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