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Criminy Johnson (QRST) - Street Murals and Public Art
Criminy Johnson (QRST)
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Criminy Johnson (QRST)

Brooklyn, NY

"I've been making work in the last few years focusing primarily on the things that I carry with me through my life, the burdens of sadness and anxiety that accumulate over time, the losses and defeats and moments that slowly add up to large piles of emotional debris. I suppose you probably have your own pile of debris.

I like to use allegories and metaphors so that you can take what you need from my worries, without having to have precisely the same problems. I'm being vague and esoteric intentionally so that you can hang your worries from the same tree. I'm navel-gazing, I'm worrying a sore tooth, I'm sitting on a bench next to a forest fire with a rock in my shoe. I'm uncertain about everything."