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Johor, Malaysia

"You INSPIRED Us to Draw"
“ One can exist without art, but one cannot live without it.”

​Co2 is just like art, one can exist without it but cannot live without it.

In fact, art brings happiness and we would love to give out the happiness to art craft lovers, make you feel inspired, welcome and excited about our craft. Therefore, support us, bring back the happiness and spread to your beloved family and friends while together we create a safer environment and a better world to live. ♥

When we first introduce ourselves to friends and clients - Co2 Arts & Crafts, people always wondering how did we get this name. Here's the story of a couple who are dream catcher, we've been together since we met on first semester in university back in 2012. ​

Oscar and i are couple who always love showing our creativity in arts and crafts which in future we would have our own workshop inviting kids or adults come over teaching them making mess on paper or creating unique crafts thru recycle materials. But that would be a long-term planning, and

Oscar asked: "why not we start now while young creating our own arts & crafts portfolio?"

Eventually, both of us agreed with this and future is calling, without any hesitations we quit from our previous happy-working environment architecture firm! We start these adventurous journey where Oscar are great in art and painting, meanwhile I'm good in crafting which makes COMBO, widely range that both us able to explore!

We know that naming ourselves Co2 (Carbon Dioxide) is one of the global warming factor that people's reaction be like "Your existing pollute us isit😂?" but in fact oppositely, our mission is to raise awareness of climate changing through paper crafts and arts that will bring more vibrant colors to life without adding stress to the environment. All of our products are made of recycled materials and we are passion in converting waste materials into art piece.

Oxygen is what keeps us survive. Co2, however seems extraneous to us but it is what plants need in order to grow and only oxygen is produced which means we, indirectly could not live without Co2 as well.

That's where Co2 Arts and Crafts is name after our english name:

👨👩 Celine + Oscar + 2gether = Co2

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