Crazy Al Evans - Sculptures and Art
Crazy Al Evans
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Crazy Al Evans

Huntington Beach, CA

“Southern California based multi-media artist Crazy Al Evans is a pioneer in the now worldwide pop-cultural resurgence known as 'Tiki.’ Evans has been carving, sculpting and painting Tiki imagery since 1990 and is one of the most recognizable and colorful names in the movement. Nicknamed for his fun and enthusiastic antics (Evans presence and escapades are always a highlight of any Tiki event he attends,) the name also fits his manic and detailed carving skills. Evans’ Polynesian Pop-inspired sculptures can be found from Hawaii to New York while his limited-edition Tiki-inspired resins and mugs are collected worldwide. Paying tribute to the original Polynesian artisans from the South Pacific as well as majestic cultural icons of primitive cultures, Evans brands his art with unique craftsmanship and extreme attention to detail. Fusing authentic design and modern concepts, he gives each one of his creations meaning and importance

Evans has been spotlighted carving Tikis in various media, magazines, TV, Cable TV, and interviewed in four Tiki documentaries.

Evans currently resides in Sunset Beach, California.”