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Craig Kaths

Brooklyn, NY

Craig Kaths was born in 1981 in Tampa, FL. Since 2005 his work has been exhibited internationally and throughout New York City. He has been included in exhibitions at the Tampa Museum of Art, the Contemporary Art Museum, the Dedalo Art Center, and J Johnson Gallery. Craig currently lives and works in Brooklyn NY.

The structural makeup of sound and the visual representation of sound waves is the driving force behind Craig Kaths' work. Working primarily in screen printing, he believes it is a comparable medium in many ways to music, specifically the act of appropriation and the role that it plays within the creative process. Kaths' images are printed one at a time allowing for intense opaque and transparent gradients throughout the work. This tedious process alludes to the idea of constructing while taking a systematic approach to mark-making. While many pieces have a shared aesthetic, combining similar images and color, each project is conceptualized with their own set of individual ideas. Kaths' works are sites in which he uses patterns, repetition, rhythmic theory, incidentals and happy accidents to convey audible experiences.
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