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Courtney Thomas Design

La Cañada Flintridge, CA

Within the walls of my company, I am principal, chief cook, head bottle washer and lead designer. Within the walls of my home, I am a mother of 4 kids under twelve, a wife to an exceedingly tolerant husband, a recovering perfectionist, field-trip slip forgetter and “make your own lunch” taskmaster.

I grew up running around auction houses, remodels and new builds. My mother was a designer. Field trips included antique showrooms, fine art houses and the power tool section of Home Depot. To this day, I am most happy at a workbench building and creating DIY projects or painting abstract landscapes of places I like to visit in my mind while the kids create chaos in my house.

As a know-it-all teen, I felt sure I would never follow in mom’s footsteps until my NYU college roommate patiently (not patiently) asked me to stop re-arranging our dorm room furniture for the umpteenth time. I enrolled in classes at Parson’s School of Design in NYC the following year and never looked back.

I am inspired by architecture and people. Interior Design connects the two and sets the stage for our stories. I get to take the unforgettable moments and memories of your home and your family’s story and turn them into permanent reminders that inspire you every-time you walk in the door. That’s the rush for me. I don’t design, build or create for everyday perfection because in my world it doesn’t exist.

My job is to make spaces functional in their layout, comfortable in their use, inspirational in their style and luxurious in their appointment. In that order. For that one moment after installation, the pictures are perfect. The house is immaculate. Then, it gets lived in. That’s what a house is for. Life is messy. Kids are messy. Design should be practical before it’s pretty. I call it Live-able Luxury. That’s my vision, my style and my goal for you.
Wescover creator since 2019

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