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Corey Ellis Art

Corey Ellis Art

Prescott, AZ

"Mid Century Modern Metal Sculpture Artist"
I am a Metal Sculpture artist who creates Sculptures out of mainly Masonry nails, copper and steel. My work ranges from Mid Century, Modern, Abstract, and life size Body sculptures.
I am obsessed with the past and the art that came out of the past and the techniques and skills that have died with the past. I have spent tremendous amounts of time researching and experimenting with the old techniques. I am able to create sculptures that have the look and feel of Mid Century, but at the same time fit in our modern day decor.
My main medium is square masonry nails. The reason I choose nails was to be different from the rest.
I used to custom build motor cycles and hot rods found that artwork is more lucrative and it gave me the ability to create anything I wanted and attach the word abstract to it, which means in my eyes not perfect.
Family is the most important thing in my life and that is what motivates me to get up every morning and create works of art that everybody in the word to enjoy. From a middle class home owner to an upper class hotel owner.
Since 2004 there is an array of astonishing works that range from solid geometric structures, to dense entanglements of twisted nails that flow across walls can be found in Art Gallery’s, lavish Mansions and Office Buildings.
I have created over 1500 sculptures world wide. The majority of buyers being in the United States and Europe.

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