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Cook on Clay

Coupeville, WA

"Cook on Clay pots stand the test of time in your kitchen where they dwell between the fields and your table. Partner with Cook on Clay pots in crafting beautiful and luscious meals."
Robbie Lobell and Maryon Attwood, co-founders and co-owners of Cook on Clay, our woman-owned artisan manufacturing endeavor and how that dovetails with sustainable communities and collaborative values-based businesses. We are passionate about handmade objects in everyday life, believing that design for utility, rugged elegance, and beauty brings meaning to each day. We are dedicated to educating and mentoring younger women in studio arts, artisan-based manufacturing, and sustainable small business practices. We care deeply about local and sustainable food systems, the return of families and neighbors to the table, and a renewed and burgeoning tabletop culture. We love knowing our pots are well used in kitchens and on tables across America.

Robbie Lobell, the designer for Cook on Clay flameproof cookware is also responsible for quality and technical control of Cook on Clay products. She works in her studio developing new cookware forms for the home cook and collaborating with professional chefs on custom pots for their restaurants.
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