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Contardi Lighting

Cesano Maderno, Italy

Based in Cesano Maderno (Milano area), Contardi has manufactured premium lighting products for more than 30 years.

Contardi has earned its reputation as "the Couturier of Contemporary Lighting"​ by way of a sartorial approach to product execution, featuring the most elegant materials and finishing, while providing the exclusive service to the bespoke customer demands.

Contardi has become a preferred and reliable manufacturing source for architects, designers and lighting engineers seeking the highest standards of aesthetic and quality, thanks in no small part to creatively addressing budget expectations without compromise in quality.

Years of experience and flexibility in customisation make the new Contardi Collection the ready solution, or the creative starting point, for architects and interior designers. The Contardi collection, further expanded and even more eclectic, with a substantially enlarged product assortment, has received a wide consent as the mark of Contardi’s style and philosophy.

We now supply premium Hotel Groups as well as high-end design showrooms and department stores.

In May 2014, Contardi has opened its American branch, Contardi USA Inc., that represents a further step to the company’s expansion and service-oriented attitude.

Contardi: timeless solution for high-end residential projects, boutique hotels, restaurants, yachts and more.
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