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Condie Design

Glasgow, United Kingdom

"Stylish By Nature"
Whether a home, professional or architectural space, ‘Condie’s’ clean geometric lines and energetic colors set off any wall no, matter what colour. Whether you are renovating, decorating or developing a space, “Condie” is a dynamic solution. All ‘Condie’ pieces are practical to mount and offer a unique solution for any interior or exterior wall, at an affordable price. You can simply screw them to wall or use a double sided tape that we supply for you.
Our Promise:
A ‘Condie’ wall mounted design will turn any interior or exterior wall into a work of art, simple, affordably and with stunning visuals. The Condie colour combinations set of any wall. Free shipping to the UK and Ireland.
‘Condie’ has extensive experience in commissioned artworks. ‘Condie’s’ commission page makes interior and exterior wall mounted artworks of any scale accessible to companies and individuals. You too can get your own piece exclusively designed to match your budget and fit your requirements.
‘Condie’ is a multi-disciplinary design company with a background in ceramics and fine art, founded by Irish artist Kevin Callaghan. He holds a Masters from the Royal College of Art in London and has many years of experience in the fields of art and design. Having realized an opportunity to develop 3D wall mounted designs, ‘Condie’ has adapted his wide experience in materiality and aesthetics into exciting new folded aluminium concepts.
Wescover creator since 2020

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