Colleen Carlson Design

New York, NY

"Handmade decorative ceramics."
Colleen Carlson, a native of western Canada, works from her studio in Brooklyn, New York.

With an extensive background in fashion, Colleen has always had an appreciation for aesthetics and precision. Her hand built ceramic work, with uncompromising technique, is inspired by both geometric and organic forms. Her sculptural work lends itself to the print medium as well when various photographic techniques are used. Intricate print patterns with beautiful symmetry emerge from these techniques. These designs, all originally derived from her sculptural work, can then be applied to a range of applications that include: photographic prints, wall or ceiling installations, wall treatments and covering. Additionally, her original sculptural works can be fabricated with alternate materials for large scale installations.

One noted NYC architect and interior designer described her work as having “a sublime sensibility married to virtuoso craftsmanship”.

Her work is exhibited and collected internationally.
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