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Colin Adrian Glass

Portland, OR

"Stained glass isn’t just something to hang in a window, It can take many forms. The possibilities are endless. Live brightly."
Colin Adrian is an American artist born in Southern California in 1976. In 1999 he moved to Brooklyn, New York. After 15 years working and living in Brooklyn he has made the move back west and settled in Portland Oregon. Throughout his life he has been interested in many facets of art, primarily oil painting.
He received his BFA in fine arts and animation from the University of Oregon as well as having spent a year abroad in Florence Italy, where he studied figurative painting at the Lorenzo di Medici Art Instiute.
He discovered his love for stained glass while visiting the Marc Chagall windows in Nice, France. His stained glass pieces are typically bright and alive with color that will pleasently illuminate any room or enviornment in which they are placed. He is an avid traveler, constantly observing and inspired by cultures other than his own which influence his artistic choices. “There’s something so final about glass as opposed to oil. I can confidently walk away from a piece knowing it’s finished.
Wescover creator since 2020

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