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Colello Creations

Syracuse, NY

"Sobriety has unleashed this colorful artist within that I never knew existed. My mission as an artist is to give hope to the hopeless through canvas paintings, fashion & murals."
Hey There! Welcome ❤️
My name is Jacqueline Colello- but I go by Jackie too.
I’m an acrylic painter /muralist.
You could best describe my work as Fine Art with a twist of street.
Funny thing is,
I Never knew I could paint until I got sober and It wasn’t like a magical fairy tale where I woke up one day and I was sober.

Instead It took me 3 DUI’s, multiple car accidents and losing my license for 5 years for me to sober & discover the artistic talents God has blessed me with.

When I first started painting it felt like an outlet, a private therapy session and a tool to help build my self worth.
I was painting a lot of positive quotes such as
“She loved life and it loved her back” and
“with brave wings she flies”

The more I painted these kind of quotes, the more life I began to speak into myself. Each day my self worth would raise just more.

I never wanted to become a full time artist, but God had different plans for me.

Over the next 7 years as I chased painting,
I began to organically build my business, create a brand & move my painting supplies out of my bedroom & into a beautiful space I now call my art studio.

I’m known for my large acrylic canvas pieces, custom Jean Jackets, sneakers & Totes.
My latest venture has been diving into murals.
Every mural has taught me something new not only about spray paint but about myself as well.

That’s the beauty about art.
It can be a healer & a teacher.

If you know someone who is struggling with addiction-
please share my story.
I want them to know that Change is possible & that the best is yet to come.
Wescover creator since 2020

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