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Codak - Street Murals and Public Art
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Los Angeles, CA

"First touched earth in Stillwater, OK., received misinformation and miseducation in Portland Or., followed family roots from the NW all throughout the mid-west. Landing currently back on the left-coast in Los Angeles.From a family background in Architecture and Interior Design Adam Smith/Codak developed a fascination with "line", its quality, ambiguity and emotion. Associated with early experiences doodling his favorite comic book characters, falling off his skateboard and riding the bus, he would find himself drawn to Graffiti and it’s artistic interaction with the urban landscape. Noticing first the Random Symbols of "Zely" a graffiti writer active in the mid-late 80's in his native Portland. Followed shortly by exposure to "Spray Can Art" and a group or writers from LA who set him on the path that got him where he is today. "