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Classic Farmhouse Designs

Manchester, United Kingdom

Reclaimed Wood Furniture forms some of the most unique and beautiful furniture in the world. Moving away from the generic manufacturing that now takes place on mass scales by big retailers is essential to ensure the future of our planet. The timber used for our tables and furniture all comes from reclaimed or recycled sources. This means that we are not cutting down fresh new trees for the manufacture of your new dining table. For those who are eco-conscious, this method of recycling is a must, our dining tables and furniture are the closest to complete recycling as possible.

Excellence and Professionalism ...
The experienced craftsmen at classic farmhouse designs handpick all the natural materials that are used to build all of the unique wooden furniture that embodies the meaning that is “rustic” furniture. Whether it is a bed, a dining room table or bar in your basement, the unique beauty, and rustic accent that CLASSIC FARMHOUSE DESIGNS can make will create the perfect feel to any home. Every piece individually made by one craftsman at a time adds unique attention to detail for all of our furniture creating a beautiful, quality piece that would last a lifetime.

While inherently difficult and laborious, the process of salvaging old wood delivers a unique quality of timber that cannot be replicated.

Replete with the scratches, nicks, and marks that are hallmarks of the passage of time, the surface patina of old wood is often richly textured too, with the natural accumulation of dust, grease, moisture, and other ambient conditions through which it has endured.

Old buildings in England were once erected with the heady fervor of an empire in the ascendant. Generously proportioned structures were built using large sections of wood as joists and beams. Cleats and joints were fashioned into them as part of an overall structure which stood for over a hundred years. Today, many of these buildings are being demolished, as properties are redeveloped, and unless salvaged, these handsome hunks of timber are relegated to the scrap yard or go into landfill. Instead, we reclaim it as genuine English reclaimed timber. Salvaged, sorted, loaded, de-nailed and refashioned into storied pieces of furniture, with careful attention paid to retaining the hard-won surface characteristics.

Good timbers weather well the world over. Our Genuine English reclaimed timbers are complemented by other timber pieces reclaimed and salvaged from the scrap heap, all in the name of preserving the lovely surface textures of this noble material, to give it a second life.
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