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Claire Cavanna

Claire Cavanna

Oyster Bay, Australia

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"Contemporary, abstract expressionist artist creating images with the concept of Rhythm within the landscape and language. Rhythm creates movement; movement creates change; change creates endless possibilities."
My first encounter with original art was at home surrounded by the woodblock prints of Hiroshige and Hokusai. I actively studied how the images were created with expressive lines and subdued colour, not realising until I was much older, how fortunate I was to have these images available to me to explore.

Rhythm of Language is the first in a series of paintings based on an idea that rhythm creates movement; movement creates change; change creates endless possibilities.

I'm interested in language and how the symbols found in languages foreign to English create different meanings depending on the characters used to create specific words, especially with Asian languages. For me I'm using different visual expressions to create meaning.

In these paintings, the white space represents clarity/analysis of what was said, the black space for context to be unravelled/deciphered.

Take your time meander through meaningful/less conversations you will eventually find the truth and it is enlightening.

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