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Cindy Muscarello Art & Design


"Art is the Lover I've looked for all my life!!"
California based abstract artist Cindy Muscarello creates her compelling canvases working with a combination of acrylic, oil, resin and mixed media. Born and raised in the deep south, Cindy eventually migrated west, looking for sunshine and independence. She found both and began her creative journey through several careers before beginning her love affair with painting.
As a self-taught painter, Cindy draws on her experience as a designer, stylist and entrepreneur to blend texture, color and symbolism and create emotional imagery often steeped in humor and deceptive whimsy. “Humor is often the flipside of pain,” she explains. As an abstract painter, Cindy is constantly exploring and experimenting with new techniques – all ways to express emotion and her personal narrative. She has exhibited in Salinas, Laguna Beach & Carmel Valley and Tribeca,NYC, as well as Paris.
Wescover creator since 2020

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