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Cindy Fletcher-Holden

Annapolis, MD

I don't remember making a conscious decision to "become" an artist. I did make a decision to go to an art specific college and successfully graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 1983 with a BFA in painting. I was second in my class. (I would have been first had I hired a couple of guys named "Vinnie")Â

After college I worked part time in a sign shop and learned the now old fashioned method of hand lettering. I was one of the last sign writing apprentices there is. In 1983 I took the obligatory post college "trip" and sailed my 50 year old boat called "Tenacity" down the Intercoastal Waterway running out of money in Beaufort North Carolina. It was there that I discovered that with a sketch book, some One Shot sign paint, proper brushes and the right attitude, I could actually earn a living with my art skills. By the time I sailed back North in 1987, I was ready to start a business of my own.

Upon returning to Annapolis, I met Robert Holden, a professional sailmaker, and we were married in June of 1988. During that same Spring I officially started Fletcher Art, offering a wide variety of artistic services. All these years later, my business is going stronger than ever.

What you'll find here are samples of my paintings, murals, custom boat lettering. The large paintings, all oil on canvas, were originally inspired by engine parts that I saw while rebuilding the Gray Marine engine for the boat that took me down the waterway. Over the years, these morphed to paintings of junk cars and trucks, to vintage cars, to shiny cars and the reflections we see in them.

The travel paintings are a result of a two year sailing adventure that my husband I did from 2011 to 2013, sailing from Annapolis MD to Europe, down the eastern side of the Atlantic stopping in West Africa, and then sailing back across and up the US coast. Since I was unable to paint big canvases while on the boat, I started painting small and became obsessed with these.

The wall murals are my favorite way to be gainfully employed. Through much research, and trial and error, I have become confidant to approach any size, surface or subject. I believe that I have now spent about a third of my life on either scaffolding or a ladder.

The boat lettering is all done by hand and is custom. I make each name look as it belongs on the boat.

I hope you enjoy your visit to this site as much as I have enjoyed creating the work.
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