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Christy Branson

Spokane, WA

"“My work is all about process: the action of slowly adding thin layers of melted wax and pigment to a wood surface"
Encaustic, as a medium seems to peak the curiosity of the viewer in the same way that it has captured mixed media artist, Christy Branson’s imagination. The transparent layers of clear beeswax, mark making and pigmented wax draw the viewer into the atmospheric quality of the piece. Christy creates abstract images of imaginary landscapes, fields of colors and layers of a fantastical world for the observer to experience. She often begins a new piece with an intended color story and general composition in mind, but as she begins to build thin layers of wax and gently blow torching the surface to fuse the layers together, the wax informs her of what it wants to do. Christy Branson works in harmony with the medium, rather than wrestling it into submission. A calm can be felt through her work where therein lies the magic.
Wescover creator since 2019

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