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Christopher St.Leger

Lockhart, TX

"On my journey, I’ve found abundant joy and complexity in rendering the world as it plainly is, whatever that may be."
Christopher St.Leger is an artist of the Romantic tradition whose source of imagination is both light and mood. Through his refreshing handling of paint we are presented with an occurrence of subject matter that is simultaneously familiar and nourishing.

“I taught myself by painting on location everyday and at one time thought of myself as a travel painter. But I am a different kind of explorer and have since gone through many phases, employing different tactics in constructing a picture. For me, art making is a continuous experiment, both physical and emotional.”

Christopher St.Leger was born in northwest Indiana in 1973. He studied architecture in Ohio and in Budapest, Hungary, and now lives in central Texas with his wife and two children. “As a kid I escaped to my desk to draw with pencil and paper. It was my earliest encounter with time flowing, of being freed from external circumstances. With each new drawing I felt myself open, and I fell in love with creating.”
Wescover creator since 2018

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