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Christopher Curtis - Sculptures and Art
Christopher Curtis
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Christopher Curtis

Stowe, VT

"Christopher Curtis was born in Stowe, Vermont, in 1951. At the University of Vermont, he cut his first stone under the instruction of Paul Aschenbach. He’s been sculpting stone ever since.

Curtis’ current work is primarily in stone, although the artist often incorporates sculptural welded stainless steel or bronze. This work earned him a Vermont Community Foundation Grant in 2008. He continues to navigate the liminal space between science and art, using industrial tools for artistic means.

Though Curtis’ work employs current technology, his abiding fascination is with raw stone. He sees in each stone both its ancient history and its unique shape. For Curtis, stones are objects, not just material. That makes the discovery, selection and recovery of the stone an important and enjoyable part of his work. Curtis has studied the geologic history of his native Vermont, following the ancient lines of glaciers and inland seas to find stones whose stories resonate with the sculptures they become.

Curtis continues to make a sculpture for private collectors, commercial projects, memorials and public works from his Stowe, Vermont studio."