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Christine Goucher

Kitchener, Canada

Christine Goucher believes the beauty of abstract art is its unpredictability. Just like life, she believes its success is based on being in the moment. There is no plan or agenda, but freedom in letting go and allowing our emotions to create the art itself. She brings a unique juxtaposition to her art from her career as a graphic designer. Steeped in design, she naturally starts a piece by sectioning it into thirds. Once the structure is set, there is a freedom that ensues, and the canvas becomes an arrangement for all the things she loves. The richness of blues, the liveliness of pinks and depth of golden foils, together bring a contrast of colours that are often found in her paintings. She finds inspiration from classic artists and strong female impressionist artists such as Georgia O’Keeffe. She drew to their play in colors and their ability to bring tears to her eyes in the presence of their profound work. Their influence is reflected in her objective and non-objective abstract work.
Much of her passion is derived from her relationships and the joyful moments she spends walking her dog, JP, in the Canadian outdoors—specifically, the “golden hour” before sunset. It is a true delight to see the golden light bounce off nature’s palate of bright summer pastels and the richness of autumns hues.
As more of her artwork becomes featured across Ontario in galleries and storefronts, her dream is to shift her career into a full-time artist. It brings her joy knowing her work spreads feelings of happiness, contentment, and inspiration when it reaches a new home. She loves nothing more than to continue painting commissioned and expressive artwork on a full-time basis.
Wescover creator since 2020

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