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Christie Younger

Raleigh, NC

Christie Younger is an American artist who lives and works near Raleigh, North Carolina. Her paintings are collected internationally and shown in several acclaimed galleries across the Southeastern United States. She has a diverse background and education in fine art along with biological science. This along with her love of the outdoors, all things natural, and travel brings to life her unique artistic perspective which ultimately is intended to convey light, beauty, and simplicity while simultaneously expressing the complexities within a subject finding the balance between contradictions.

After a career in graphic design, Christie began a new life as a stay at home mother in 2016 to her three children. She began painting full time in 2018 as an attempt to find herself again while in the thickness of motherhood as well as a way to express her overflowing need to create. She enjoys finding the balance between contrasting elements of design. She pushes this idea further by deconstructing her view into simpler elements while simultaneously including authentic moments to convey more elaborate ideas. She is intrigued by the interactions between negative and positive space as well as tactile and implied texture. Many of her still lifes and landscapes are created using a simple palette knife with either oil or acrylic paint mediums. While not limiting herself to one single path on her artistic journey, she also enjoys the freedom of expression found through abstract art working with several mediums and tools.
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