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Hamburg, Germany

"The heart of my inspiration and art comes from a place where there is light. No maybe, no lukewarm. Only beauty can save this world."
CHRISTIAN BAHR has been a passionate, profound German painter and experienced draftsman for over 35 years, selling his works worldwide. His works can currently be found in private collections and public spaces in the US, Canada, UK, China, Australia, Germany, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. His atmospheric large paintings are poetry and artistic struggle at the same time. They capture both harmony and conflict, overall reflecting a strong aesthetic. He has participated in many national and international exhibitions.

Born in 1965, in a snowy December in Buxtehude (Germany). Educated in humanistic subjects, with a major certificate in Latin. He studied at a university level and then self studied artistic and historical subjects that came to him naturally. His love of art has always accompanied him. But it was not a straightforward path to the professional painter that he is today. Because today, as when he first started painting, he is his biggest critic. It took time for him to develop his own convincing style in his art, repeating not only pleasing but also already well-known artistic positions. It was a search for this personal recognition value, and even more so that he found himself in what he created. He needed the reason why he could neither live nor want to live without his art. His work needs this lack of distance, a high degree of individual emotionality. Today he is grateful for these detours. He says, they made him a very conscious, profound artist. So for a while he was engaged in other career paths, in addition to and alongside art. He is also a cosmopolitan, connoisseur of the history of antiquity and the Middle Ages, veteran and bearer of the Medal of Honor of the German army (Bundeswehr). He was also on patrol with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency along the Mexican-American border and a trainer for the Russian customs administration. He says, all these very different, very real experiences ground him in the here and now and help him in his art as multi-layered inspirations.
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