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Chris Riggs

New York, NY

"You make a painting and show it to a hundred people. Fifty people will like it, fifty won’t. If seventy-five like it, that’s a good thing. I worked really hard on it and it does really well. People like my style and they collect it. My work is about peace and love. I’m happy that whole idea is booming. That’s what we need on earth."
Chris Riggs is an international contemporary artist from NYC. His iconic signature is Love and Peace layered style murals and paintings which he began in 1988 in New York. He is also well known for his
colorful abstract canvases and murals. Chris has painted them around the world including France, Russia, England, Italy, Greece, South
Korea, Germany and many other places. You can find his colorful murals all over the states such as Florida, New York, California, New Mexico, Georgia and more. Chris received a Bachelor of Liberal Arts and
Science at The City College of the City University of New York. He paints in over 50 different languages. His favorite medium is spray paint and acrylic paint. Chris believes that Peace and Love are the most important things in life, and his main goal is to bring those values to the world through his artworks. A Chris Riggs painting just sold for $28,500 at Christie's auction house in London. 1000s of his paintings and sculptures are in museums, galleries, and top private collections all
over the world. Chris Riggs is a TEDx speaker. He has art studios in New York City, Miami and Pennsylvania.
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